1 – JUKI KE-2060RL Full Function Flexible Placement System w/ IFS, HLC, and SCS (up to 12,500 CPH, from 01005 to Large Micro-BGA, 0.5 millimeter pitch)

2 – JUKI FX-1R High Speed Chip Shooters w/ IFS, HLC, and SCS (up to 33,000 CPH parts each, from 0201 up to 20 mm Square)

2 – TDK RX-11A Chip Shooters (20,000 Parts per Hour each and Parts down to 0402)

2 – TDK SS-2 Ultra-Fine Pitch Pick-n-Place (up to 2,500 CPH, 11.5 mil. Pitch and Micro BGA)

Process Control Inc. Automated Conveyor System Interconnects, Gateways, Rotators, Flippers, Loaders, Unloaders, etc.

SMT 2220 PTV In-Line Screen Printer

DeHaart MCP-20 Computer Controlled Screen Printer

ERSA Hotflow 2/14 Convection Reflow Oven w/Nitrogen System for LEAD FREE

Sikama Falcon 5 x 5 Hot Belt Reflow System

Summit SRT-1100 Rework Station for BGA’s, Flip Chips, etc

Nicolet Imaging Systems NXR-1410i X-Ray Inspection Station for BGA’s ,etc

Conceptronic Explorer Rework Station for S.M.D.

Electrovert Aquastorm 200 In-Line Board Washing System

TDK VC-7B Radial Lead Inserter (up to 12,000 Parts Per Hour)

TDK AC-7 Axial Lead Inserter (up to 15,000 Parts Per Hour)

JUKI 400LSelective Soldering Machine w/ 2 Pots one Eutectic and one LEAD FREE

TDK Laser Marker CLM-03

Cyber Optics SE-200 Laser Solder Paste Inspector

Vectron K2-AOI Automatic Optical Inspection

Vectron Parametrik6 In-Line K2-AOI Automatic Optical Inspection

Dynapert Model ‘G’ Axial Lead Sequencer (up to 20,000 Parts Per Hour)

2 – Electrovert WDC Thru-Hole Rework Station (one for RoHS, one for leaded)

Asymtek C-740 In-Line Computerized Conformal Coat System

CAM/ALOT 1818 Fluid dispenser with UV Cure System

Quad/ZCR Convection In-Line Conformal Coat Drying Oven

Integrated Technologies, Inc. Model CL-3040 Dip Conformal Coat System

Watts Pure Water M-Series 2400 Gallon /Day RO/DI Water System with 1200 Gallon Storage Tank

Twenty (20) Kinatechnics ESD Conductive Progressive Slide Rail Stations

Eighteen (18) Kinatechnics ESD Dissipative Inspection/Hand Solder Stations

Fourteen (14) Bausch & Lomb Zoom Microscopes for SMD Inspect./Touch-up

Curtis-Toledo RS25A 25 HP Rotory-Screw Compressor

Campbell-Hausfeld Two-Stage Ten-Horsepower Air Compressor

Arrow Pneumatics F-150-2 150 CFM Air Dryer

ON-SITE GAS N-75 Nitrogen Generator

Wersch Automat SBA-80 Axial Lead Former

Wersch Automat WA-74 Axial Lead Former

General Production Devices CF-7 Axial Lead Former

General Production Devices CF-8 Axial Lead Former

General Production Devices CF-9 Radial Lead Former

Hepco Model 5000 Bowl Fed Transistor Former

Q-Corp. Lead-o-Matic II Mass Lead Trimmer

Black & Webster Semi-Automatic Test Point Staker

Catapillar 10,000 pound Fork-Lift

Clark 4000 pound Fork-Lift