PCB Assembly | Phoenix, AZ

Do you need a reliable and quality PCB Assembly service in Phoenix, AZ? Basically any electronic product out there uses a PCB (Printed Circuit Board) to control it. We can take your design and build it for you all the way up to complete box builds. A box build means that we put your printed circuit board into a case and package it up. We can even ship them to the end user for you if needed. As a manufacturer of printed circuit boards, we’re prepared to handle it all. From manufacturing and testing to packaging and shipping, we’re here to help you. If you only need the boards, we’re more than happy to provide that too.

Electronic Contract Manufacturing

Whatever your needs are, our contract manufacturing service can accommodate them. Whether you need one component or one thousand components on your board, we can do it. Components include (but are not limited to) resistors, capacitors, LEDs, and ICs (integrated circuit chips). Surface mount PCBs are the most common these days, but we also offer thru-hole PCB manufacturing. As a contract manufacturer, we’re proud to offer a flexible PCB Assembly service that can adapt to any customer’s needs.

PCB Assembly Circuit Boards - RNB Enterprises Inc Phoenix

Printed Circuit Boards

A printed circuit board can have up to 32 layers on it. They can be made out of several materials including; Teflon, FR-4, and specialized high temperature materials. In between the layers of a printed circuit board is fiberglass. We are serious about providing you with a quality product. Quality control is a top priority that has been closely maintained since our inception in 1976. We subscribe to the standards set forth by IPC-A-610E. If you need a PCB Assembly company in Phoenix, AZ then contact us today for a consultation.